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The Land

Want to see just where my herbs come from?


Well, here it is!


Forty acres surrounded by national forest land. Nothing but wilderness for miles and miles. And a beautiful creek that runs straight thru the middle of it all!

Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this place is as off grid as it gets!

And absolutely stunning!

We purchased the place in 2020 so we could have a place where we can escape whenever we

felt the need to.

There is a small walk bridge crossing the creek and an old 600 sf cabin from 1937.

The creek makes the soil very fertile, so there are an abundance of wild plants and trees

growing everywhere!

 And almost everything is medicinal!

Now, I am also creating a large herbal tea garden, so there is still much more to come!

Everything is organic, chemical free, harvested, grown, foraged, and wildcrafted by me!


If you don't see what you need, I can possibly make it for you. Please contact me for a consultation. 

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