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Urban Gardening

About my herbs

Our health is very important, which is why every single plant ingredient that I use to create my remedies either grows wild or is home grown and harvested by me, so that I know exactly where it came from and what goes into each one. All of my plants are chemical free and completely organic. So much thought and care and hard work is put into making sure I am able to create the cleanest, safest, most potent herbal medicine possible.


Here is more about the herbs I use and how they can help benefit the human body.

Plantain Leaf

* Relieves cough

* Heals cuts & wounds

* Soothes skin

* Stops itchy bug bites


*Aids in detoxification & digestion

*Regulates blood sugar

*Reduces blood pressure & cholesterol

*Boosts immune system

*Reduces inflammation

Stinging Nettle

*Treats arthritis & painful muscles & joints

*Relieves allergies

*Boosts immune system

*Regulates blood sugar & blood pressure

*Nutritional & medicinal powerhouse


*Gentle sleep aid

*Eases headaches

*Soothes skin

*Relieves cough


*Stops itch and heals rash

*Natural treatment & prevention for Poison Ivy


*Aids in allergy relief

*Helps treat bladder & urinary tract infections


*Promotes digestion

*Helps with tummyaches & headaches

*Relieves sinus congestion & infections

*Soothes sore muscles

Red Clover

*Relieves menopause symptoms

*Helps with osteoporosis

*Reduces cholesterol

*Supports proper lymphatic & endocrine function

*Aids in treatment of gout, asthma, whooping cough, & cancer

Lemon Balm

*Supports digestion

*Helps reduce stress & anxiety

*Improves appetite & sleep


*Reduces pain

*Speeds up wound healing

*Prevents infections

*Numbs tooth pain

*Slows bleeding


*Excellent digestive stimulant

*Helps treat hemorrhoids

*Eases menstrual symptoms

*Treats cold & flu

*Stops bleeding


*Reduces blood sugar levels

*Supports memory & brain health

*Aids in digestion

*Helps with oral health

*Boosts immune system


*Digestive Relaxant

*Soothing for skin

*Helps relieve anxiety & insomnia

*Gentle enough for children


*Helps relieve cough & congestion

*Aids with lung problems like pneumonia & asthma

*Treats ear infections

Indian Ghost Pipe


*Aids in managing neuronal disorders like psychosis

*Helps with extreme pain including migraines, tooth pain, & even grief

Eastern White Pine

*Boosts immune system

*Helps heal cough, bronchitis, laryngitis, & chest congestion

*Extremely high dose of Vitamin C


*Helps treat sinusitis, cold, flu, & bronchitis

*Increases urine production

*Aids in allergy relief

*Boosts immune system

White Willow Bark

*Pain reliever similar to aspirin



*Reduces inflammation & pain

*Boosts immune system


*Helps maintain skin health

*Boosts digestion & detoxifies the body

*Antibacterial properties

*Protects body's cells & tissues from free radical damage


*Boosts immune system

*Reduces high blood pressure & cholesterol levels

*Antibiotic properties


*Helps treat and prevent flu

*Boosts immune system

*Super nutritious vitamin


*Aids in treating headaches

*Promotes sleep

*Reduces stress & anxiety

*Soothing for skin



*Promotes digestive health

*Treats & prevents viral infection

*Regulates blood sugar levels


*Helps heal cuts, bruises, & scrapes

*Treats colds, cough, sore throat

*Aids on controlling blood pressure


*Treats acne

Cayenne Pepper

*Warming to the skin

*Soothing on muscles

*Improves digestion

*Eases pain & clears congestion


*Helps relieve nausea

*Promotes digestion


*Pain reliever & anti-inflammatory

*Antibiotic properties

St. John's Wort

*Helps relieve nerve pain

*Aids in anxiety & depression

*Strong antiviral

*Treats insomnia

Red Raspberry Leaf

*Relieves menstual symptoms

*Aids in fertility, labor & delivery, & menopause


*Very nourishing to skin

*Heals wounds

*Treats ulcers

*Antibacterial properties

Valerian Root

*Improves sleep

*Reduces anxiety

Herbs and Remedies

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